ELVO3 is designed with simplicity and roughness in mind. It is made to be instantly recognizable.


With 720 kW electric motor equaling to 966 horse powers ELVO3 is true powerhouse.


With ELVO3 we did not made any compromises. With 400 km per battery charge you can forget about range anxiety.

But that is not all

ELVO3 can propel you from 0-100 km/h in just 1.9 seconds. Add to this maximum velocity of 315 km/h and you know that ELVO3 is more than just a vehicle.

Drive Anywhere

Lowest point clearance of 30 cm, wide front wheels distance combined with massive wheels gives ELVO3 very powerful off-road capabilities.

Easy and Simple to Use

Even though fully digital, ELVO3 is made for simlicity of use in mind so that everyone can be able to drive it.


Modular Upgrade

As a unique vehicle ELVO3 will be able to be upgraded with different extension modules thus becoming a wan, truck, safety vehicle or something never before seen.

Unlimited Options

With a massive 4740 Nm torque and future upgrade options ELVO3 gives you unprecedented possibilities of use all the way from a sport vehicle to a road train.


Note that this vehicle is still in active development phase so final version specifications may vary.

Feature Value
Power (kW)720
Power (hp)966
Torque (Nm)4740
Speed (km/h)315
Acceleration (0-100km/h in seconds)1.9
Range (km)400
Drag Coefficient0.57


General Informations

Investing in ELVO3

As ELVO3 is still in active development phase now is the best time to invest in order to be involved from the beginning and to become part of ELVO3 team and future electric vehicles market estimated at more than 3 trillion USD in next 10 years.
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